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Financial Network Group offers you Investment Loans at fantastic rates from our lenders. Are you a First home buyer, refinancing or even an investor of a portfolio of properties? Whatever your situation is Financial Network Group has the right product for you. Call us for a free no obligation quote to see how we can help you.

Property Portfolio

Are you a property mogul or are you looking at building a property portfolio? Financial Network Group can help you navigate the complexities of asset management to provide ongoing support for building your asset base. With products that allow revolving credit and much more you will be able to concentrate on finding your next investment gem.

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Negative Gearing

Financial Network Group can show you how to legitimately minimize your tax by way of negative gearing and investor’s tax relief.In today’s climate it is very difficult to navigate the legal jargon that often accompanies investment strategies. We aim to make it simple and to provide you with a tailored strategy to improve your tax position.

Line of Credit

If you already own a property, a line of credit is a great solution for an investor. It allows you to tap into money when the right opportunity arises. With a line of credit you only pay interest, which gives you more cash flow. You only have to pay the principal and the interest you borrowed when you sell the investment property.

Second Home Purchase

Do you need a second home as an investment or for the family members? It can be tricky and costly if you don’t have the correct timing and if you’re not equipped with the information you need to avoid traps and pitfalls. Financial Network Group can help you navigate through the hundreds of Investment Loans available to make sure you make the right choice.

Interest Only Loans

With most home loans you repay the interest on the loan, plus a little bit of the principal (the amount you have borrowed) as well. With an interest only loan the principal remains the same. You repay the principal you borrowed when you sell the investment property or the loan reaches the end of the term.


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