Our Independence ensures our advice to you is not a biased one

Financial Network Group is able to provide solutions to all types of applicants, including, Credit Defaults and complex finance situations.Most times these are easily resolved. With our large range of lenders and Network Partners we can provide the best solution to your situation and requirements.

Financial Network Group specialises in assisting clients by providing them with a holistic long-term approach to addressing their unique finance needs. We do this by reviewing their current financial position and then recommending the most suitable lending structures.

We also specialise in providing our clients with information on how gearing “debt” can be used constructively to build long term wealth via leveraging- mainly into residential property.

We have access to a wide range of Finance Institutions and their products which ensures that we provide clients independent and unbiased product advice and access to some of the lowest interest rates available in the market.We understand the vast number of internal rules lenders have regarding how Much they will lend, allowing us to get you the loan amount you require without unnecessary delays.

If you’ve been refused finance by one lender, that doesn’t mean that you will be refused finance by another lender. We know which lenders to approach when you’re having trouble obtaining finance. It involves more than more just a comparison of their websites. It requires a real insight into their different credit policies and the overarching restrictions that govern lenders practices.

By engaging Financial Network Group you are getting specialist knowledge and insight, which can significantly reduce the risk of being declined.

Every loan enquiry you make is recorded on your credit file. Lenders see this and are wary of lending to a person they think is ‘shopping around’ too much or who may have been declined by another lender. Financial Network Group will not present your loan to a lender unless we are confident that your loan will be approved.

Terry Kypreos
Managing Director

My success is testimony to my
Philosophy and core values.


  • Putting client’s financial wellbeing before mine.
  • Providing advice on research and results.
  • Excelling in customer service.
  • Dealing with professional skills taking emotion
    Out of the room.

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