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Financial Network Group offers your Business Loans at fantastic rates from our lenders. Are you a First home buyer, refinancing or even an investor of a portfolio of properties? Whatever your situation is Financial Network Group has the right product for you. Call us for a free no obligation quote to see how we can help you.

Buying A Business

Financial Network Group with years of experience dealing with business. We help you get your financial position ready to be seen in the best light. We work closely with you and your team to source specialist industry finance for your particular industry. Talk to our business consultants for the right solution.

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Plant Equipment

Do you need a tractor, backhoe or even a bus? Financial Network Group provides you with the appropriate specialist lender that understands re payment plans that suit your industry. Some seasons are busier than others, and we take that into account. Ask one of our consultants to tailor a loan for your next plant and equipment purchase.

Commercial Property

So you have a business and now you want to purchase a property to eliminate rentals and high lease costs. Financial Network Group assesses your situation and helps you make that property a reality. We also provide solutions for multiple property acquisition, and interest only loans in the building stage to free your cash flow and give you peace of mind.


Need a fleet of cars or just a van. Financial Network Group can put you in the seat of your brand new car, sometimes within just 24 Hours for approved clients. Updating your vehicles regularly often leads to stress, but with our line of credit and pre-approval service getting a new vehicle has never been easier. Talk to us about your business and vehicle requirements.

Cash Flow Solution


Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow is fundamental to growing a business and thriving in today’s business environment. Financial Network Group offers business solutions that enable you to use their cash to run your business. Tax breaks, depreciation and interest reductions?Make our solutions an essential part of your business success. Get one of our experienced business consultants to tailor a solution for your business.

Specialist Industry


Financial Network Group has specialty lenders that understand your industry. Medical, Agricultural, Steel Industries and other tailored industry lenders give you peace of mind. Not only do you acquire the Business Loan for purchase but you have an industry-specific lender that can accommodate any obstacle connected to your industry.

Self Employed Solutions

Running your own business has its advantages. But when it comes to lending it can be a minefield to produce the relevant financial documents required to ensure success in the loan application. Financial Network Group offers a range of low doc finance, making it easier and less stressful to acquire personal and business finance. Ask us how we do it.


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